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Do you have a memory of Seaside Heights but are a little vague on some detail that you want to fill in? This is the place for these problems. It would also be great if you could fill in the blanks of details that other people were wondering about.

Here are a few "mysteries" that need solving.


Barnegat Cold Storage Building

The old large building was torn down to build Rainbow Rapids in 1977.......continued


Late 70's mid 80's Popular Bar

Many years ago (think 70s and early 80s) there was a bar on the seaside boardwalk that was THE place to be. The entrance to the bar was right on the boardwalk. It was set up like a club and usually had top-rank Jersey-based bands. Do you remember the name of the bar? I think it may have burned down. Thanks

A few folks have let us know in their comments below...The ChatterBox!

Barnegat Cold Storage Bldg and Bar on the Boardwalk

The cold storage plant was located on Central ave and Sherman avenue. This was in the 60's,I am not certain when the bldg was taken down. Central avenue was not the main drag of seaside, although it was wider than the boulevard. I remember the bldg well, I think it was the largest bldg in the town at the time.In fact I think it may have closed in the sixties, because there never seem to be too much activity around the bldg from what I remember, I was just a kid in the 60.s I left there just before turning 12 years old.Now the bar was called the Chatterbox. The entrance was right to the boardwalk.Unfortunately when I lived in Seaside, I was well under 21 so I never did get to see top entertainment there when it was a regular gig for top bands. In fact the remember seeing on the billboard one time when I was a kid that the Beau Brummels were going to be there. I am sure now that I think about it alot of the bands from the fifties most likely played there.

We used to get fresh spring

We used to get fresh spring water from a public tap near the street.
They also sold soda and beer from that building. It was near the Seaside Heights firehouse.

Barnegat cold storage building

it remained open until it was torn down for the water slide in 77. Seaside was my second home...we lived in our shore house on Webster Ave all summer right next to the Sonny's and Ricky's warehouse/garage. My brohers and I would go to the cold storage for yoo hoo, ice and bait to go crabbing.

Chatterbox and The Parrot Club

The Chatterbox was on the street side and the door was angled 45 degrees to the boards. Right next to the Casino Pier arcade ( north, ocean side ) was The Parrot Club. At the Chatterbox the bouncer used to let me sit on the steps. I got to see Chubby Checker and Dion and other Philly acts. Frankie Valli played the Parrot because it was a larger bar.


What was the name of the place across the boardwalk from the Chatterbox that jutted out over the ocean? I can still remember eating clams from the stand in the alcove a little down from the Chatterbox and hearing "Mule Skinner Blues" echoing out from that place. Bouncer at Chatterbox wouldn't buy my fake I.D., but it worked in Lodi at Lucianos on Rt 4. Frankie Valli also played there, but their best act was a group named "The Knockouts" that played all around Jersey.

The BeachComber

It was the Beachcomber for years I've seen pictures of it before my time and it called the Parrot Club....Beachcomber moved accross the boardwalk recently to around where the original chatterbox was..

you are correct on the

you are correct on the above......i was really young and looked in & saw the FunAtics i was toooo young to get in the club so i followed them to Mountain Lakes Inn in Greenwood Lake New York and i cannot think of the other club then they went to the Garden House in Lynhurst, nj they played a long time and by then i had met the band and married the comic Carmen Caro who was Really Carmine Vaccaro and then they went on the road they were together over 10 years. We ended up in New orleans and never left. Seaside Brings back memories for everyone. My mom and dad met at the Jersey shore and i found my luv at the jersey shore and then my son started hitting the clubs because he went to Tom River East what else would he be doing .lol

Hi My dad is Joe Cilurso or

My dad is Joe Cilurso or maybe known as Joey Castle. He played with the Funatics mainly the Hammond and piano. I remember him talking about Carmine. He has some funny stories. It sounds like that was a magical fun time.
I was wondering if you have any pictures from the Funatics or any pictures of him that you would not mind sharing. I would really love to have some from that time period. I can be reached at the email provided.

Thank You

carmen caro

I remember him I saw him at a club in Orange, The Derby...he was a funny sob! don't make groups like that anymore they entertained!


So funny. I was just thinking about old times at the shore when I read your post. I went with Csrmine for a couple of years around 1961 (?). Met him at the Garden House in Lyndhurst. When did the band break up? Do you keep in touch with anyone? How is Carmine ? Please tell him Joan Borst said hello. Have no idea if he’ll remember me. So glad to hear he’s happily married. Loved your story about how you met him.


I posted a reply but made a mistake with my email address Hopefully you can find the original and email me your answer. Thanks. Joan
I had said that I went with Carmine for a couple years around 1961 or so. Glad to hear about him. He was a nice guy and a lot of fun. When did the band break up and do you keep in touch with anybody from the band? Glad to hear he’s happily married and hopefully still enjoying life. Please tell him Joan said hello and hopefully he’ll remember me. I met him at the garden house in Lyndhurst.

Still love listening to the

Still love listening to the Knockouts. Saw them regularly at the Parrot club and Luciano's. Great memories.

the knockouts

I remember seeing the knockouts when I was ten years old at the parrot club on a sunday afternoon with my mom and grandmother,the blue boys with their blue tinted hair played too. the knockouts were great doing the song I got my mojo working.they released an album which I am still trying to find after all these years.

bar in seaside across from the chatterbox

the bar is still there it has a raw bar and goes out over the ocean the bar is called the Beachcomber

the BeachComber

Terri, Im sorry to say Hurricane Sandy claimed the old Beachcomber last year...It is totally gone....


If I remember correctly the Chatterbox was located at the boardwalk and Lincoln, on the street side of the boardwalk. The Beachcomber was on the ocean side at Dupont right next to the Funtown Arcade. When you heard Mule Skinner Blues, that was coming from the Beachcomber. OMG this is ancient history :-)! Phil Humphrey & The Fenderman were the Beachcomber's bar band for several years back in the 1960s. So sand that it is all gone now. Does anyone remember the summer of weird hair? The Parrot Club had a group called "The Blue Boys" with blue hair and the Beachcomber had a band named "The Green Men", yes, that's right, green hair!

Why did the Chatterbox close?

Why did the Chatterbox close? It was a great place, remember going back in 1985 with a friend of mine. Also, met my present partner there back in the summer of 1985. So many years ago.
Any pictures that someone could post of the inside of the bar or bands playing?

I remember when I was young

I remember when I was young that Jay AND The Americans played at the Chatterbox I was to young to be allow in so I listen on the boardwalk.
A great memory


Worked there in 1963 - 1965, saw some great acts there, Jerry lee Lewis and the Minute Men, Jay and the Americans, four Seasons, Local ban Gary Chris and the Crystals and many more that I can not think of right now. There was a house as you came into Seaside on the right that was three stories with a Moose head on it that a lot of the people that worked at the bar stayed during the summer.

vip lounge

Does anyone remember the VIP LOUNGE IN SEASIDE

the VIP Lounge

My sister and my cousin and I worked at the VIP for several years during the summer in the kitchen, the dining room and the lounge. They had entertainment several days a week geared toward an older crowd, the name of one nightclub singer now escapes me. ( I was 16 the first year I worked there ) I have many fond memories of the place and learned alot about cooking Italian food!


I worked at the CHATTERBOX for 10 years and went to the VIP several times on our breaks from the CHATTERBOX. I played drums for "LOU CADDY" and the panic's . I saw joe Pecci and Franky Vincent there



I worked at the Chatterbox in 1972, the band Life...

Were there at that time?



I am lou caddy's daughter jackie
Would love to gather more information on my beloved father lou caddy


Wow this stuff brings back a lot of memories. I worked on the Seaside boardwalk in 63 & 64, both in a t-shirt shop and playing in a band. Played the Parrot Club and the Beachcomber (once). Saw a lot of great bands- Jerry lee Lewis at the Chatterbox, Isley Bros at the Parrot Club, and many great acts at the Beachcomber like Frankie Lymon, Wayne Cochran, Juve Five, Johnny Tillotson, etc. BUT the best bar band on the Jersey Shore was Phil Humphrey and the Fendermen. By this time they had evolved into a 7 piece band. They did everything from James Brown to country, to jazz, and I remember hearing their music drifiting over the boardwalk and beach from loudspeakers on the roof. It was pure magic.
Also remember the Green Men at the Beachcomber, and one of the very first Beatles cover bands at the Chatterbox. Also remember the Casino Ballroom overlooking the swimming pool.

i had an Uncle who was the

i had an Uncle who was the drummer for The Knockouts. I never met him though.

Believe that originally it

Believe that originally it was "The Parrot Club" Then Became Mario's South until Sandy. Now is vacant for sale propery.

Chatterbox Bar

I spent the summer of 69 at the bar, my sister-in-laws uncle owned the place and in the summer they lived above the bar, great fun and cause I was only 16 had to keep a close eye on me. Best bands around played there, even had go-go dancers in cages above the one bar in front.

that wasnt Chatterbox that

that wasnt Chatterbox that was Razzles that had the girls dancing in cages and on poles

It was the Chatterbox that

It was the Chatterbox that had the girls in cages inside the first big main bar, I spent one whole summer there. Eddie and Angie Olson, the owners were my sister in laws uncle and aunt


That's right, the Chatterbox. It had 2 bandstands and the bathrooms were in the basement. I was there in the 70's working at JR's steakhouse just down the boardwalk. I remember getting there early one night. The bar was empty. I went down to the bathroom and when I came back up the stairs, there were about 6 women sitting at the bar. The stairs came right up behind them so the sight that greeted me was 6 beautiful behinds. That memory stuck with me all this time. They always had a band playing. when one band took a break on one stage the other band took over on the second stage. It was a great place to party. When they closed at night, we would go over the bridge to Toms River and go to the Rusty Nail to drink.

Seaside Boardwalk Bars

So long ago! The Beachcomber was my uncle's bar. Phil Humphrey and The Fendermen (Mule Skinner Blues)were his bar band for several summers in the 60s. The Beachcomber was on the ocean side next to Funtown, The Chatterbox was on the street side a few stands north of the Beachcomber and the Parrot Club was at the Casino Pier end. Where the Beachcomber is now there was a food stand. Does anyone remember that wonderful lemon ice? Remember when you could actually win cigarettes??

Wonderful memories of Seaside!!

The Beachcomer

I really enjoyed going to your uncle's bar when I was stationed at Ft. Dix back in 1962 B. A bunch of us use to make the trip at night just to see Phil Humphrey and The Fenderman perform, especially there hit song Mule Skinner Blues. I loved that song then but listening to it now I ask myself why. But it certainly brought back some very fond memories. Sad to watch the fire last night destroy what Sandy didn't including Funtown.

Just wondering who was your

Just wondering who was your uncle that owned the Beachcomber in the 60s? I know the family really well. It was originally not there. The fire of 1955 took the building and the family moved it to DuPont Ave next to the arcade where you are referring to with all the great band! The Fendermen, The Greenman, even Frank Sinatra Jr.

Like you,so many of us have so many great memories!


I temember the Greenmen at the Chatterbox in the 60's they played a mean Louie, Louie.... lol

We used to hang at the

We used to hang at the Chatterbox in the late 70's. Awesome. My uncle Patsy owned JR ' s for some time in the 1980's.

I saw Jerry Lee lewis through

I saw Jerry Lee lewis through the window playing the piano at the Chatterbox. When I was really little, we were picking up drink bottles in the street in front of the Parrot Club and Bill Haley and the Comets drove up in an old Ford and asked me where the Parrot Club was. That was before Rock and Roll! After Hurricane Hazel in 1954, I was out on the beach and I found one of the wooden parrots that used to decorate the outside of the Parrot Club. My grandma used to keep it in her garden when she lived on the boulevard.


I remember seeing Rick Derringer at the Chatterbox. The wife and I had seats on a large speaker along the wall. I do not remember the Chatterbox as being on the boardwalk. I thought it was on the Boulevard.

Parrot Club...Chatterbox

The Parrot Club was on the Ocean Side, but South toward Seaside Park Funtown Pier, not Casino Pier, which was North Side of Town. The Chatterbox was Street side and diagnally across from Parrot Club. Those were the days, my friends...

The Barnegat icehouse

The Barnegat icehouse operated until 1977, the year before the water slide opened. I am working on a book of Seaside Heights history, and I have an entire section about each business.

Barnegat Ice House

I remember vividly the Barnegat Ice Plant, commonly referred to in our neighborhood simply as the "ice house". I grew up at 205 Grant Avenue, directly across the street from the ice house. It was built beginning in 1914, and was up and running by 1915. The Borough of Seaside Heights had been established in 1913, and for the barrier island community to grow, a Mr. Christian Hiering (of Hiering Avenue fame)would build the plant, operated by diesel engines, to provide not just ice for people's ice boxes (pre-refrigerator food storage)but also the Borough's first electric and running water. The ice house stood until 1977, when it was torn down, and replaced with another icon in Seaside Heights history: Rainbow Rapids water slide.

205 Grant

I lived at 205 Grant when Sandy hit. Were you raised in that house?i




Does anyone remember Walsh's Gulf Station? It was located on the north end of the boulevard on the east side just past Sampson avenue. It may have been actually at the corner of Heiring ave and the boulevard. I remember taking my bicycle there many times to get air in the tires.Of course we cannot forget flo's drive in with the battem out cages or Terry's sweet shop and of course MR. White.

Walsh's Gulf

I worked at Walsh's station with 2 of my friends in '66. We were recent graduated of TRHS and had a blast at that station. The boss was a great guy, (cant remember his name), but he gave us the run of the place and treated us as adults. We met more girls there than if we were on the boardwalk.
Thanks for bringing up the memories

There is a view of Walsh's in

There is a glimpse of Walsh's in an image on this page of Lois' Seaside Heights memories.

Funland Ride in the mid 70s

Does anyone remember the ride on the pier that had a seamonster or giant squid on the front? I remember it from my early childhood but it was gone by the later 70s. If I remember correctly it was on the right hand side of the pier if you were facing east. I was too little to go on it and I thought it looked cool.

Yes, It is called the Pretty

Yes, It is called the Pretty Monster and was on Funtown U.S.A./Pier for only one year. It was originally green and then refurbished and repainted after that summer, then it was sold to Great Adventure in Jackson NJ. They have several pictures of it on their history site.

Nightclubs in the 80's and 90's

We are thinking about putting a reunion together of all the people who worked in the clubs or hung out at the clubs in Sesside hieghts. Temptaions,Chatterbox,Razzles(the origanal)XS,Bermuda Club, Hollywoods and the Bamboo and Yakety Yak lets get feedback YES/NO


Is this the legenday Johnny D, The first person I ever knew to own a mini-van?

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