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Do you have a memory of Seaside Heights but are a little vague on some detail that you want to fill in? This is the place for these problems. It would also be great if you could fill in the blanks of details that other people were wondering about.

Here are a few "mysteries" that need solving.


Barnegat Cold Storage Building

The old large building was torn down to build Rainbow Rapids in 1977.......continued


Late 70's mid 80's Popular Bar

Many years ago (think 70s and early 80s) there was a bar on the seaside boardwalk that was THE place to be. The entrance to the bar was right on the boardwalk. It was set up like a club and usually had top-rank Jersey-based bands. Do you remember the name of the bar? I think it may have burned down. Thanks

A few folks have let us know in their comments below...The ChatterBox!

Giovanni's Pizza on Sumner Ave

I worked on the go-cart ride on the pier in 1977. My friends grandfather owned Giovanni's a half block from the boardwalk. Then in 1987 my friend added an 8 or so room motel there.

Now when i google earth it, it's gone, just a flat parking lot. Does anyone know what happened to it?

btw, my most heartfelt condolences to everyone on this site for losing their beloved seaside hgts boardwalk and pier. shoot!

Seaside Heights in the 50s & 60s

Just trying to recall 2 things I remember and curious if anyone else does too.

In the 1950s there was a walk thru Wizard of Oz attraction, it was staffed by original a child of 9 or 10 I used to chat with the little people and they were always so friendly, it was a great thrill to be able to meet and talk with these "legends".

In the 1960s...Tillys Boarding House. It was about 1 block behind the bw. Quite a few of the bands that booked the boardwalk stayed there. As teens, we would run errands for Tilly (eccentric old dame) and she would give us discounts on room rates.

The Himalaya

How can anyone forget the Himalaya ride close to the end of Casino pier.
I cant remember when it was put in but it drew a lot of attention, the rock and roll played very loud. The operator with the German (Swiss) accent. a great attraction. Great fun and a great ride. " Do yo wanna go faster" the operator would say and get everyone pumped up.

i worked on that ride from

i worked on that ride from 1967 until 1974 and operated it from 1971 to 1974.

hot l baltimore and Kohrs custard

There was a hotel on the boulevard named after a popular TV show.....the hot l baltimore. The space between t and e represented the letter "e"....which was not lit properly. It was probably a one star drop in...but part of pop culture. I also remember Kohrs custard on the boardwalk near the Funtown Pier

the blue grotto

anyone remember the blue grotto ? or remember the end of the 70s early 80s there was so many bars an clubs was insane going down the blvd an seeing lines to get in an not just on the weekends anyone remember linda the blonde bartender from bamboo 1980s


anyone remember it an lets not forget curlys house

does anybody know if there

does anybody know if there was a dump place in seaside where they would dump their glass in the ocean and where was this site exactly..please any comments welcome..

The Parrot Club

I believe the place you remember was the Parrot Club right there next to the Casino Pier entrance and across from the Casino Arcade. The Chatterbox and the Beachcomber were further down the boardwalk and closer to the Seaside Park end of the boardwalk. Back in the mid 60's I say Jay and the Americans there and then a month later Herman's Hermits. The Knockouts played there often. I had heard that the Dave Clark 5 was booked there also. They were always bringing in recording acts. I don't remember what year it was but I heard a rumor that the Parrot Club caught fire and even burnt part of the Boardwalk. Unfortunately they didn't re-build. However I think the Parrot Club was the place you remember. Jersey Drummer

Chatterbox - Good Time Charley's

I lived in Seaside Hts. and Seaside Park during the 70's. I was the lead singer in bands that played the "Chatterbox", (BORZOI and SLANDER) "Good Time Charley's" which was on the Boulevard and became a 7 Eleven (Gypsy Eyes, and TRUST) and don't forget the club "Fat City", (Gypsy Eyes) which eventually became "Riggers".

I live in Florida now, but I am returning to the area Aug. 29, 2013 at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, in Toms River, to do a 50's/60s/70s Show!

Barney's Fish and Chips

washed dishes at Barney's fish and chips.worked there in the summer of 71, doing the 6 am shift. All the locals would come in, the police had their coffee and breakfast there. surfing Casino pier,seaside park, lavallette,
ortley beach all summer. I don't think I slept that whole summer. As a joke my boss sent the police one morning to pick me up for work from our endless party house. They just said you need to come with us and then they just brought me to work.... at the end of that summer then there was a tropical storm around labor day. Us and all the boys were up partying all night during the wind and rain...
( tropical storem DORIA?)I woke up about 5:30 Am and saw the biggest most beautiful waves I had ever seen to that point in my life. Big blue and white billowing offshore perfect waves in the 10 ft plus range, sun up sky golden white and blue with big white puffy clouds, the beached washed clean the sand bleached white from all the rain and wind during night....
permanently imprinted . Jim T Santa Cruz CA


Sam the Band at the Chatterbox was a Jersey Shore rite of passage.

Best friggin bar band I ever saw

Possible Lost Dark Ride - Need An Oldtimer

I have this very vague memory of a small dark ride on the boards in the area of maybe Jack & Bills bar. It wasn't on Funtown, it was actually located in one of the business units. I am thinking this is in the early 60's and the interesting thing was the ride went down a hill to below the boardwalk. I can swear I remember this as a young kid and looking down the hill, anyone?

go go bar

what was the name of the go go bar in the 70s in seaside hts

Go Go Girls

The Chatterbox Bar had GoGo dancers in the mid-sixties. They were in the front bar so you could see them from the front door on the boardwalk.

Jersey Based Bands of the 1960's

I've been reading so much about the Bars & Clubs in Seaside Heights area and have been enjoying the trip back you guys are taking! I'm not from the area, but from Brooklyn. I'm posting because I have few autographed photos of bands that I believe played the Seaside Heights / Asbury Park areas during the mid 1960's. Do any of you remember these Bands? Al Antonio & The Riotmen, The Spokesmen (with Kai Eden), The Cordials, Frank Nichols and The Stylesetters or the Theile Sisters? I think all of them were Jersey or Philly based bands.


Hi, just reliving my youth here. Look for Joe Forte and the Originals.
Used to sit outside the Chatterbox to listen. They were great.

Things I Remember

My memories of Seaside Heights come from my childhood. From 1968 - 1984 my family would rent a bungalow for at least two weeks during the mid summer weeks.

A few things I remember are the HUGE wooden chair that sat outside a storefront on The Boulevard. The old five and dime with the wooden floors. Man, that place had a great smell. Charlie's Italian Sausage on the boardwalk between Blaine and Grant. Poor Peat's Pizza, The Showboat, a fun house shaped like a river boat on Funtown Pier. The Huge ferris wheel and slide that was on top of the arcade midway between the Casino and Funtown piers. The old train station (Latter Bus Station)on Central Ave. The Strand Theater when it still showed films, and then when it turned into a marketplace. I remember Spin Art Stands and when Click Clacks became the hit prize at the stands. I remember the Mini Golf that was on the rooftop at Lincoln and the Boardwalk. I seem to remember a sightseeing boat that would leave the crabbing pier on the bay. Was it the Miss Seaside Heights?

Joe's Bar and Grill

Does anyone have any pictures from the Boulevard where Joe's Bar and Grill was located? It was on the east side of the street between Lincoln and Dupont. Currently it's a parking lot. My Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary owned the bar, a gift shop with a boarding house upstairs. He passed away in 67, but the bar went on for a few years more changing to a bar and package store.

Joes bar

I remember Joes bar. They had a great ham sandwich for about $.35
and 15 cent draft beer. It was more of a neighborhood tavern than a seaside type bar. Went there many times on my dinner break

Help me out here

I'm currently doing a mural to tribute the iconic bars and clubs of the shore from point pleasant to seaside park. As you can imagine- finding logos or info on some of these places is beyond long gone. If any of you can remember your favorite places and maybe if you have a picture of the signs or of memorabilia from these places you'd be helping me out immensely :) I want to do this mural justice so anything you can offer will help. My dad was a bouncer at Arcade, my parents met in front of lucky leos. So I have some stuff to go off of


I worked at the Chatterbox from 1968_1970. The Innovation were a fabulous group and a big draw for the club. There were 2 bouncers at the door one was called Tiny who weighed 335 pounds and stood 6ft 4" and the other was a blond tall guy who was always catching false ids. ED Olsen was great to work for and was quite a WW2 bomber hero, I know because he showed me his medals one afternoon at his house in Toms River. 1968 was a swinging year on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights

Bands playing the Jersey Shore Circuit - Revival

Does anyone remember a band back in 1972, 1973....called Revival. They played on the Boardwalk and at several clubs? Chet, Everett and Denny were their names.

Chatterbox - The Embraceables

In summer of 1963, I was a member of a band called the Embraceables. We played for 10 weeks at the Chatterbox, 6 days a week on the back stage. It was the best summer of my life.

Seaside Heights Chatterbox 1972 band "Life"

Does anyone remember the band "Life" in the summer of 1972 at the Chatterbox in Seaside Heights?

The Band Life

Just saying hello...I was there in 1972 a great summer...

Did you work at the bar?


Tompkins Spa .... soda fountain and retail beach store

Does anyone remember this place? It was on the corner of Carteret Ave and The Boulevard...

Tompkins Spa

Of course I remember it. I worked there the summers of 62,63,64. Along with
Mike, John, George, Bill, Pete, and so many others. It was a great place to
work, long hours, but so much fun. George, Ralph, and Milly were great people. I went to vietnam after 65..3 Purple hearts, and not a sound night
since. Miss the Spa.

Popular bands around 1993

Hi - does anyone recall the name of the band that had a lot of horns? They played jazz funk (I guess you'd call it that). Was maybe 6 or 7 guys, two I think were brothers (blonde curly hair if my memory serves me right). Pretty sure they played The chatterbox a few times.

Seaside Heights "Fun House" and "Haunted House"

It has been killing me to remember the white fun house that you could see from the sky ride....I remember it being big and white...with Mary Poppins on the roof with her umbrella?....All I remember from the house was "The floors rotated and changed rooms?...You had to wait for them to stop to get into a room?....Did that happen?...This must have been in the late 70's....There was also a Haunted house...never had the guts to go through, but I remember "Alice Cooper" (Or someone that looked like him...I was young!) He would stand outside and yell at people to go in...He terrified me! I would LOVE to see any pictures out there of any of this!! Thanks!

Baby O's

Looking for a bartender from Baby O's named Rich. 1981-1982
The Southern Cross Band played every Thursday and he was there.

Seaside Heights

All of this comes back in a flash. I worked at Tompkins Spa for 3 summers, 62,63,64. I think you all forgot the Parrot Club, Where the best Jersey band ever, The Knockouts,performed regulary.The guard knew us, we wouldn't try to drink, and we could stand on the side and listen to Darling Lorraine.Ah, so long ago. Vietnam came....lets say I made it.I'd love to hear from some of the regulars from back then.

A gigantic ferris wheel.

As a young child in the 1960s I remember a Ferris wheel that seemed to tower over any other Ferris wheels in the Seaside Heights/Seaside Park amusement piers. Besides its great size, the only other thing I can recall about this Ferris wheel was that instead of having open seats like so many others it had what looked like little individual houses, and that the Ferris wheel always seemed to turn slowly.

Demolished Motel

I'm trying to find information about a motel that has since been demolished. It was maybe called the Ocean Side Motel and was located across the street from what is now the Sawmill. It is now an empty parking lot. I know it was there in the 1980's. Thanks for any information you could offer.


Does anyone remember Rich Kelly and the Innovation? They played at the Chatterbox in the 60's and 70's.

The Wine Cellar

How about The Wine Cellar at the north end of the boardwalk ?

Bobby'so best song was " I

Bobby'so best song was " I Believe". No one could sing it like him. The other song that we used to go crazy over " Long Train Running" Dobbins.
Does anyone remember the blue light room

Fudge and Salt Water Taffy Store

Does anyone remember a candy store in the middle of the block across from the post office? My parents would go there for the homemade fudge!

Being from Trenton as many

Being from Trenton as many were I used to see Sam the Band and Flossie
at The Chatterbox in Seaside and in Hamilton Twp. where they played at a place called Carnegie Hall. Also 1 of my best memories of the Chatterbox was seeing the awesome Buddy Rich band there ! This was in either '85'or '86.

chatterbox bands

Anybody remember the watch playing at the chatterbox? We followed them all over nj, the arrow lounge in north Plainfield, the lighthouse up in lake hopatcong,and of course the manor in north Brunswick.

trying to find someone

In the summer of 1973, I fell in love with a bartender at the Chatterbox named Bill Coyne. We spent the summer together, loved every minute. Bill was born in 1951 which now he'd be 66. His birthday was in January. Now that I am a widow of 10 years after 30 years of marriage, I would love to reconnect. I have never forgotten Bill. He was always in my heart from the moment I met him. If anyone out there knows anything, I'd really appreciate some info.

DJs in the 1960s

Looking for info about a DJ named Toby Clair. I think he did some disc spinning in Seaside in the early 60s. Thanks

Spent many Saturday nights at

Spent many Saturday nights at the Chatterbox. The regular bands like Sam The Band, Flossie, and even some bigger names like Bon Jovi would appear there. Great times. Don't think it's there any more.

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