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If you would like to visit Seaside Heights for more than a day you will need to find a place to stay. While there are many hotels and rentals in town it can be difficult at times to find a room. Summer weekends and holidays are so busy that many people plan a visit, and reserve a room, many months in advance.


Hotels and Motels

White Pearl motel, Seaside Heights, NJ Where you consider and ultimately stay depends on several factors. During the week Seaside is calmer and quieter and during the weekends it is quite the opposite. Staying right next to the boardwalk on a Friday night, in a relatively cheap hotel, may be just what you want. Especially if you are planning on whooping it up most of the night and sleeping on the beach much of the day! If you were considering having a more serene visit you might want to stay a block or two away from the lights and energy of the boardwalk. The price you pay for your room can also make a big difference. During the height of the summer season, the lower priced motels attract the youngest and rowdiest folks. Places that are a bit pricier may be a little calmer.

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Rental Homes

Renting a house can provide you with many things that you cannot get in a hotel. A kitchen, no noisy hallways and adjoining rooms that are beyond your control, and a bit more space to relax. Yet like the hotel and motels, the experience you have where ever you stay in Seaside can largely depend on your neighbors. This can be a little tricky to plan or figure out, unless you are familiar with a particular location and know what it is like there in the summer. If you are going to Seaside Heights to party, stay up late, and sleep it off on the beach then you will probably be fine. If this is not what you are after, you might consider renting a house in one of the nearby towns like Seaside Park, Ortley Beach, or Lavallette. They are not far from Seaside and these other locations can be much more peaceful, especially later in the evening.

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sleeping on the beach

Sleeping on the Beach? Don't try it!

During the summer Seaside Heights adds officers to their police force. This means that once it gets to be very early in the morning, there are a fewer people out-and-about but there are plenty of police. Seaside Heights is also not a big town. Add all this up and it means if you try to sleep on the beach, in your car, or in some public place you are likely to be found. Sleeping at night in public areas is not allowed and if caught you will either be told to leave or possibly arrested. It may seem like a fun idea to head for Seaside and think you will just sleep on the beach but that plan will probably not work out the way you thought!