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Welcome to Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Seaside Heights is the place many people picture when they think of the Jersey shore. Wide sandy beaches, a lively boardwalk, and an energetic nightlife are all here - and within a few hours drive of NYC and Philadelphia. During the warmer months of the year there are more young adults here than at other Jersey shore destinations, to the point where every weekend can seem like spring break.

The ferris wheel on the Funtown Pier, Seaside Heights, NJ

The Boardwalk Ferris Wheel

Even with all the youthful energy Seaside can play host to, it is also a fun place to visit with your family. The beach is great for the kids and the boardwalk is right at hand - enticing you with its games of chance, amusement rides, arcades, and more. Seaside also offers many family oriented events and special weekends throughout the year. These parties and celebrations may include live music, films, parades, and fireworks. All for free.

The Discover Seaside Heights website is here to help you plan your next visit and, if your already in town, be your guide in helping you find your way around. The website is also a place to reminisce and celebrate memories of Seaside Heights' past. If you want to see what was happening in Seaside years ago or even contribute your own memories, take a look at our history section.

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a boardwalk game of chance

One of the many games of chance on the Seaside Heights' Boardwalk

    Seaside Heights Facts and Trivia

  • The first attraction at the beach, opened in 1915, was a gasoline powered carousel. It was located at the end of Dupont Avenue and was housed on top of an enclosed wooden pier.
  • The commercial Casino Pier began in the 1930's with just a carousel. This is the same machine that is still in operation there today.
  • There are slightly more than 3,000 permanent residents in the borough. A lot more people than this are in Seaside Heights in the summer!
  • a wooden horse from the historic carousel

    The Dr. Floyd Moreland horse from the historic Casino Carousel

  • The Mathis Bridge, leading from Toms River into the borough, was opened in 1950. The Tunney Bridge, from Seaside Heights to Toms River, opened in 1972.
  • Seaside is governed by a Mayor and six member council. Residents vote to choose both the mayor and the council members.
  • The current Seaside Heights Mayor, P. Kenneth Hershey, has held his position since 1992.
  • The borough is less than a square mile in area.